THE CANA CLUB (“the Association”) is an organisation with the following objectives:


  1. To provide an opportunity for Catholics to meet and socialise both online and in-person.

  2. To build a strong Catholic community between people and parishes who are devoted to the Faith or are interested in learning more.

  3. To co-operate with other organisations who share similar objectives to those of the Association, for the purpose of fostering and promoting the success of the Association’s mission.

  4. To collect, raise, hold and expend monies for the sole purpose of the furtherance of the Association’s objectives.




Guests are required to:



  1. Treat all other Members, guests, venue staff and patrons with respect and courtesy.

  2. Not verbally, physically or sexually harass others.

  3. Not exhibit any stalking behaviour, either online or in-person. (Stalking behaviour is defined as persistent and unwelcome attempts to locate and/or contact another.)

  4. Abide by and uphold the Code of Conduct.

  5. Pay any fees that the Member has committed to, regardless of utilisation or attendance.

  6. Notify the Association of any observed violations of the Code of Conduct.

  7. Not speak for or represent the Association in an official capacity unless given express permission from the administration.



Harassment policy:


  1. The Association is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all its Participants.

  2. Participants are encouraged to report antisocial behaviour to Management.

  3. If a Guest is behaving in a disrespectful or harmful manner at a social event, one warning will be given. If the behaviour continues, said Member will be asked to leave and will receive an initial report within 7 days of the occurrence.

  4. Reports will be treated with discretion and respect for all parties involved. Anonymity will be implemented where possible.

  5. While Guests are encouraged to develop personal connections with other Guests, Management is not responsible for any activities held outside of social events organised by the Association.

  6. Management will not share personal information with others under any circumstances.


Breaches of the Code of Conduct:


  1. Any Guest found in violation of the Code of Conduct either online or in-person will be notified of their offence in writing.

  2. Reported or observed inappropriate behaviour from any Guest will be investigated by Management in order to assess the appropriate course of action to take. This may result in a reprimand, suspension or expulsion from further events for the Guest.

  3. If a Guest is asked to leave an event due to a breach of Management’s harassment policy, no money paid by the Member for that event (if applicable) will be returned.

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