Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Hello all! I'm happy to invite you to our first event on All Saints' Day.

Welcome to The Cana Club! Our first event is on All Saints' Day in recognition of the loving intercession of all those who are in Heaven. It's a perfect time to begin a new venture that I hope brings many Catholics joy, friendship and laughter. See you there!

So, why was The Cana Club created?

Being a Catholic adult in the modern world is beautiful yet often difficult to navigate. It means eschewing the world's ways and embracing a virtuous life. The love of Truth that it takes to be a faithful Catholic might be considered folly to many of those around us. This can lead us to feel isolated by an increasingly secular society. I've spoken with a lot of Catholics who have expressed a desire to meet new people and strengthen established friendships in a relaxed and social atmosphere. The Cana Club was created in order to provide events that allow us to expand our social circles within a Catholic context. I always welcome more input as we go forward.

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